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5 Fitness Fanatics weRow Follows on Instagram... & You Should, Too!

The weRow Crew is constantly building each other up with positive affirmations, workout tips, recipe ideas and solid high-fives, but it never hurts to get some extra fitspiration from our fitness idols on social media. We asked the Crew who their favorite fitness fanatics to follow on Instagram are, in the hopes of adding some more muscles and sweat to our rolling feed of smoothie bowls & corgis in costume...



We go to together like avocado & literally everything! It's the happiest day of the year and we're celebrating this glorious fruit with some of our favorite avocado recipes.


Summer Challenge: Power Ten

Let's ramp it up for summer!
Turn your back on that long, frigid winter and greet summer with a stronger, leaner, toner and sexier you with the Power Ten Summer Challenge. 10 weeks to row it up with your favorite Crew and a chance to win 1 month of FREE unlimited membership!


2018 Crew & Brew

Grab a buddy, grab an erg, grab a beer!
We're throwing another heart-racing, calorie-burning challenge your way this month. We're mixing two favs to create one awesome day of goal crushing: crew and brew! That's right, this is your chance to row towards a common goal, drink some crafty brews, and win some money along the way!


Rowing While Pregnant

When we say rowing is for everyone, we mean everyone! Even one of our regular rowers, Heidi, who used rowing as her go-to cardio throughout her pregnancy. Read why she (and many moms-to-be) chose the erg.


VIP Crew Status

Being a member of the weRow Crew is enough to make anyone feel like a badass who's found their calling. But what if there was a way to make your weRow pride official? And snag some sweet perks along the way?


The Million Meters Club

The weRow Million Meters Club is a chance for you to track your long term fitness goals and win some pretty cool prizes along the way! Anyone can join -- let's get started!

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