Celebrate the Holidays with 12 Days of Rowing with Your Crew!
The #Rowstar Instructors are ready to give you the best pre- and post-holiday row sessions over the next two weeks! Are you up for the challenge?

weRow believes the secret to success is setting goals, then crushing the hell outta them! The end of 2016 is in sight and we're here to help you crush those goals! Top off the year with power and strength by rowing in the #12DaysOfRow and finishing 2016 stronger than ever! And don't worry... the #Rowstar Crew has your back every stroke, every push and every pull of the way.

So, grab a towel and strap your feet in for 12 days of sweat, endorphins, and cheers... Are you ready?

  • 6 days pre-holiday: December 19th - December 24th
  • 6 days post-holiday: December 26th - December 31st
  • Row at least 100,000 meters total - that's 8334 meters each day for all 12 days!
  • We want to see your smiling face ALL 12 days, so rowing two classes in one day to replace a day does not count towards your total meters.
  • No need to keep it a secret... brag about it, baby! Every day you row, take a picture of your monitor and share it with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #12DaysOfRow
  • PLUS, write your name and meters on our chalkboard... we want to be a part of your success!

Just a Few Things To Remember
#12DaysOfRow will run December 19th through December 24th and December 26th through December 31st. Participants are encouraged to mark and tally their attendance and meters on the Chalkboard located in the weRow Studio. Rowing two classes in one day to replace a day does not count towards your total meters. Meters rowed during a Shockwave or Sculpt class are ineligible for this challenge.

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