Your Newest #Rowstar Instructor, Allison!

Allison Mosso, Nutrition Guru Allison Mosso, Nutrition Guru

What you should know about Allison...
What makes her such a good fitness instructor? How does she prep for workouts? What's her thoughts on having a healthy relationship with food? Let's find out!

Straight from the walls of the University of Minnesota Recreation & Wellness Center, Allison is ready to work those #LegsCoreArms! Armed with a Masters in Kinesiology, a B.S. in Exercise Science, and a minor in Nutrition, she's an overflowing fountain of knowledge and positive vibes that preach nothing but self-love. She's worked as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, so you can be sure she'll rock every row session!

Find her on the schedule starting January 30th
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My class in 3 words: "Sweat, Smiles & Strength"
Fav song to row to: "Dessert" by Dawin
All-time favorite junk food: "I prefer to call it 'play food' because as a nutrition coach, I don't believe in labeling food, as every food has it's place for nourishment and soulful satisfaction. My favorite play food is cereal (Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Cheerios!)"
My go-to pre/post workout snack: Pre-Workout -- Yogurt & Toast or Rice Cakes; Post-Workout -- Oatmeal mixed w/ Protein Powder & Peanut Butter (nomm!)

"As an instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach, my job is to make you feel empowered! Through exercise and nutrition, let me help you live a life that makes you FEEL confident, energized and powerful! And I promise... After a rowing class with me, you will be able to own whatever life throws at you!"


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