Why Tish Rows

It’s Year Three.
This year, weRow is all about digging deep and tapping into that inner motivation, that thing that keeps you returning to the erg. Crew, we are diving in and unearthing our #WhyIRow. Our beloved coxswain Tish Watson is kicking off Year Three and telling us #WhyTishRows after the jump.

My Fitness Philosophy

I believe in fitness for all and fitness for life. Fitness isn’t a particular number on the scale or on the tag of your dress or pants. Fitness is all about activity, movement and quality of life.

When I was a personal trainer, I saw so many clients suffer from obesity and other related health issues. Movements like walking, jogging and squatting hurt their joints. And the last thing they wanted to do was go to the gym. The big box gyms felt inaccessible – in their eyes, everyone was thin, fit and looked killer in those spandex pants and muscle tanks. The gym was NOT a happy place! I wanted to find a way to help all my clients find pleasure in working out.

The Light Bulb Moment

I was having lunch with a friend from the East Coast one day and he was bragging on his new rowing gym. It was fun, it was exciting, and he was in the best shape of his life, blah, blah. Then he said the magic words: “It’s easy on my body—my joints don’t hurt after a workout!”

I stopped right in the middle of lunch (I know, rude!) and started researching indoor rowing on my phone! I was so inspired. I looked at my friend and said, “You’ve just solved all my problems! I’m going to open an indoor rowing studio!”

That was in 2014. A year later, weRow was born.

Dreams DO Come True

It was a long road to weRow. I talked to people who rowed. I learned how to row from rowers—yep, a crew that rowed on water. I read article after article on the benefits of rowing.

I learned that rowing works 86% of the muscles in our body and 8 major muscle groups focusing on #LegsCoreArms (you know I couldn’t help but throw that in, crew!) and it torches major calories. And I learned from experience that it takes good care of our precious joints. Trust me, I learned that from experience, I rowed A LOT. Best of all, anyone could do it, no matter the age, weight, size or fitness level.

The more I learned, the more sure I was that the Twin Cities needed a rowing studio.

Equipment DOES Matter

I figured out the why, now I just needed that what. What kind of rowing machine, to be precise. So I went on a major expedition to find those oh-so-sexy ERGS we all know and love. Why the WaterRower? Because it’s hands down the most authentic rowing machine out there, that’s why. The WaterRower replicates authentic resistance. With every stroke on those bad boys, you are actually moving water! And they had those fancy little monitors that measure your speed, distance rowed, your calories and intensity.

I was in love.

No One Is An Island

I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I had to find some coxswains to help me get this party started. So I recruited some all-star instructors. I gotta give a BIG OL’ Shout Out to the OG #RowStar instructors—Val, Paige and Julia were my original crew. And we’ve continued to grow and our family of coxswains grows as well.

Stay tuned, some of those sassy, spunky, booty-kickers are going to share their #WhyIRow, too.

Year Three--#WhyIRow

I’m so proud of this studio and this crew. weRow is everything this #FitnessBoss dreamt it could be—and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s a high-intensity, team-oriented, empowering, comfort-zone busting workout. I believe it will keep us healthy, fit and strong for our whole lives. That’s the reason I founded weRow and it’s the reason I love to share it.

Crew — I can’t wait to hear your #WhyIRow!

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