Why Jeannie Rows

Coxswain Jeannie is one of our first super star instructors--part of the OG crew. Wanna know more about #WhyJeannieRows? Check it out after the jump!


She brings heat and verve to her 6AM class and we are in awe. Here’s what makes Jeannie the kickass coxswain that she is.

What brought you to weRow? A desire to find a new workout that was as fun as it was strenuous.

Why did you decide to be a rowing instructor? The playlist and energy are the most important parts of class. It was a way to fulfill my DJ dreams while sweating and vibing with good people.

How has rowing changed you? My biceps and shoulders. Just kidding. It did change those things, but more importantly, every class I’ve taught improved my mood and made me realize how many amazing people there are in the world. I love that weRow gives me the chance to connect to people I would otherwise not have met. Many a friends have been made from my regulars and for that I am grateful.

What’s your music vibe? Happy! I tend to play a lot of pop techno because it is amazing for working out. I always do amazing karaoke style songs that people love as well as classic throwbacks.

Fun fact we might not know about you? I am the proud parent of Henry James David Thoreau (along with my wife). I didn't realize how much I could love an animal until I met him. He teaches me to give more unconditional love more freely.

What do you do to refuel after a hard row? I love the chocolate Vega One All in One Nutritional Shake and a hot shower.

What’s your favorite food or beverage indulgence? Maker's Manhattans.

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