Why I Row: Jennifer

Those 6AM rowers are badass, right? Meet Jennifer, one of our founding crew. She loves the earlybird row--learn more of her tips and tricks after the jump!


Jennifer is a weRow pro now. She is part of our founding crew AND she’s one of those fabled 6-AMers. When the rest of us are still snoozing or crawling like trolls out of our toasty beds, Jennifer and the rest of the 6AM crew are starting their day rowing it up.

Like many of us, Jennifer bought herself a Groupon to check out the new rowing studio. She figured she’d take ten classes and then move on to something else. But here she is, two years later, tearing it up on that erg.

Why do you keep coming back?
I feel encouraged, empowered, and challenged at every class. After 2 years I am still able to hit a new PR for a distance or split. Any person can row and all are welcome.

Fun fact: I couldn’t finish my first class and was sore for a week, but I had paid for 9 more classes and I was going to finish it out.

What is your favorite class?
I love all of the 6am classes during the week. Row Sculpt is still a new class for me and it is challenging.

What's your favorite row routine?
I love the words “load up 1,000 meters” to alternate 100 meters of sprints and recovery.

How has rowing changed your world?
I am physically stronger and sleep better!

What's your favorite way to refuel after a hard row?
I make chocolate soy milk and add a lot of cold press concentrate. I have been known to make energy balls for my teammates to enjoy after class.

What's your favorite row jam?
Anything by Lizzo!

Jennifer is a core member of our crew now, despite that rough first class. The challenge is personal and individual and we strive for progression, not perfection. weRow is all about one team, one crew, right? We always have each other’s back, too.

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