Our StoryweRow was founded on the belief in fitness for all; fitness for life.

Where we are today?

weRow was founded on the belief in fitness for all; fitness for life. Tish, owner of Body By Tish LLC, preaches to clients that fitness is not a destination to a particular number on the scale or a certain dress or pant size. Fitness equals activity, movement and most importantly, quality of life.

From improving your mood, to boosting energy, to living longer, to controlling weight and combating health conditions, the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore.

Sadly, with all of these wonderful benefits, we have caused havoc on our precious joints because most of our exercise regimes consist of heavy-impact cardio, which can’t be sustained for a lifetime. Many of us have stopped CrossFit, running and those crazy boot camps because the pounding on our joints have caused lower backaches, lower body injuries, and knee joint pain. So, Tish was determined to find an alternative to those heavy-impact fitness routines and weRow was born.

With indoor rowing, I am now able to provide members with a high-energy, full-body, low-impact workout that can be done by anyone no matter of age, size, weight, experience or athletic ability. It’s an energetic workout, it’s a team-based workout, it’s a heart-pounding cardiovascular workout, a core workout, and an arm and leg workout without leaving your joints aching. It’s everything that this fitness girl loves and wants to share… Fun, camaraderie, yelling and being pushed to the limits. Plus, if weight loss or being tone is what you’re after, rowing does that too!

For me… I just want you moving even at 87 years old. Like I said, I want you to stay active for life, and in order to stay active for life, you need an activity that you can keep doing for life!

Together. weRow.

Tish, Head Trainer

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Our address is 34 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Suite 110. We have a separate entrance located on the South corner of the Historical Keg House Arts Building. Just park, walk to the right and around the corner of the main entrance. Onsite & off-street parking is free.

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