The Commandments of Rowing

At weRow, weKnow rowing. It’s our core focus! Proper technique is the key to getting the best workout without causing injury or early-on fatigue. WaterRower Rowing Machines brings us this How-To video tutorial for best practices on the erg.

• Don’t grip too hard- Keep it firm but don’t choke the handle.
• Legs, core, arms. Arms, core, legs- Know the sequence. Practice the sequence.
• Don’t shrug your shoulders up- Imagine pulling your shoulder blades behind you. This will improve your form drastically.
• Feel the connection through your feet- Push off with the balls of your feet and drive back by connecting your heels to the board. It’s like an explosive squat or leg press.
• Breathe properly- Inhale on the recovery, exhale on the drive.

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17 Commandments of Rowing

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