#FitnessFriday - TishTIP #1

TishTIP from weRow founder, Tish Watson

Still haven’t tried weRow? Still running on that treadmill? Well, try this amazing row workout today instead.

Now, let's get one thing straight - we are true fans of running! It's a great way to stay in shape, lift your mood, improve your health and even prevent disease. But we also know that runners can come face to face with a foot or leg injury, and rowing is an awesome replacement for running when those injuries surface.

CrossFit Endurance coach and 100-mile trail run fanatic, Brian MacKenzie of California says, "It's no joke. It's some serious, lung-searing stuff. When an athlete is dealing with a foot or Achilles tendon problem, I've never found issues in replacing running with work on the ergometer."

So, with that being said, we've got a 4 Part Series of Interval Workouts you can do on a rowing machine!
**Before diving into this workout, be sure to stretch and spend about 10 minutes rowing with good form to warm up.**


WORKOUT: 1,000-meter sprint (3 sets)
HOW: Aim for 28 strokes-per-minute (spm) for the first 1,000-meter sprint. Aim for 24 spm for the second 1,000-meter sprint. Aim for 26 spm for the third 1,000-meter sprint. Between each, take a 3 minute rest to recover.
GOAL: Typically, a 1,000-meter sprint could take between 4 to 5 minutes to complete, depending on skill level. From the beginning, settle into a comfortable rhythm you can consistently hold for 4+ minutes. This will help build up your endurance.
WHY? These sprints will teach you the three pillars of rowing: Form, Rhythm and Cadence.

World renowned fitness experts Jay Blahnik and Josh Crosby offer tips on technique and timing for proper rowing form in this how to row clip.

Next #FitnessFriday, Tish will introduce another interval workout perfect for the beginner rower! To get in on the fun and get a taste of these interval workouts in action, check out our complete schedule at weRowmsp.com under BOOK NOW! You can also use your #Mindbody Connect app to register for class while on the go!

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