Recommitting to your workout & crew

It doesn't have to be New Year's Day for setting your goals. You can recommit to your goals any day of the year — including today!

With summer in full swing, it can be tempting to skip the workout and hit the patio for a couple beers instead. We totally get it! But as all good things in life, moderation is a must. To help you out, the weRow Crew has 5 ways to re-establish your workout routine this summer and get back on the erg! We can't wait to see you back on the erg -- as always, the weRow is here for you.

1. Make a mental shift
One of the biggest barriers people face is the “all or nothing” mentality. Often people assume that in order to see a meaningful difference in their fitness they have to commit to an intense workout every single day or they might as well not be active at all. Adopting a more flexible approach to scheduling your workout into your weekly schedule starts with shifting your mindset about what an active, healthful lifestyle looks like, as small changes done consistently really can lead to big results.

2. Establish a plan
n order to establish and adhere to a consistent workout routine, it’s important to set realistic goals and establish a specific plan of action. Once your goals are established, take some time to map out a workout schedule that supports you. For some, that means a daily workout. For others, it's 3 times a week - find what works best for your body at this time.

3. Prioritize your fitness
While having a reasonable plan is important, it’s critical that your workouts be viewed as a priority. Resist the temptation to move your workout sessions to accommodate other tasks in your day, and instead make the conscious choice to honor the time allotted for and dedicated to the improvement of your health and fitness.

4. Tweak your daily routine
When it comes to improving your fitness, in addition to your structured workout sessions it’s important to also seek out ways in which to add more movement to the things you already do every day. That could mean standing at work, taking the stairs, or suggesting a happy hour workout. We'd love to see you and ALL your friends at the studio! :)

5. Get social
Social support is an important predictor of physical activity behavior, and most people find that they are more likely to adhere to a workout routine when there is some sense of accountability. Working out with a partner or as part of a group is a great way to recommit to your fitness while having fun in the process. Your Crew is counting on you - so resist the urge to late-cancel class -- aim to commit!

Join us in recommitting to our goals and let's row this boat together!

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