5 Fitness Fanatics weRow Follows on Instagram... & You Should, Too!

The weRow Crew is constantly building each other up with positive affirmations, workout tips, recipe ideas and solid high-fives, but it never hurts to get some extra fitspiration from our fitness idols on social media. We asked the Crew who their favorite fitness fanatics to follow on Instagram are, in the hopes of adding some more muscles and sweat to our rolling feed of smoothie bowls & corgis in costume...

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Ka Zoua's fitspiration:
Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit)
For Kaisa, the world is her gym! Don't even try to craft an excuse that there's no equipment or space to work out. On Kaisa's feed, you'll find her doing lunge jumps in the airport lounge, doing push-ups off the hotel bed, and building creative at-home workouts with every day items.

Katie's fitspiration:
Jen Widerstrom (@jenwiderstrom)
She used to be a coach on The Biggest Loser, but outside of all that hoopla, Jen is fierce, humble, and fit AF! She works her butt off every day to get the strong body she has now - and always with a smile on her face. On her feed, you'll find her often working out with other celebs and trainers, and answering health & wellness questions posted by her followers.

Tish's fitspiration:
Massy Arias (@massy.arias)
She's a bada$$ who empowers, motivates and inspires! You can really feel her positivity throughout her posts. On her feed, you'll find strength based workouts, food tips and cute shots of her fam. Definitely worth the follow!

Abby's fitspiration:
Erin Good (@erinjbgood)
Let's show some love for our local fitness celebs! Erin can almost always been seen holding a weight in one hand and a donut in the other. With Minneapolis being her home base, her feed shows her workin' it at gyms and fitness studio across the Twin Cities.

Ethan's fitspiration:
Jerrelle Guy (@chocolateforbasil)
As a vegetarian, it's ALL about getting creative in the kitchen. Almost every post comes with a pretty sweet recipe and killer food photography. It's enough to make any meat-lover start to think about vegetarian ways...

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