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weRow 101

It’s fundamentals and so much more! This 45-minute class will introduce you to our WaterRower rowing machines and teach you the basics of proper rowing form as well as commonly used terminology. Our focus is on form, but expect lots of individualized attention as well. And don’t worry, with intervals and rowing drills added, you’ll really work up a good sweat!

Perfect for members seeking deeper instruction on proper form as well as newbies getting back into fitness.

*Limited space. Advance sign-up is a must.


No experience necessary! It’s for the elite athlete to the exercise newbie. Working in teams and as one crew, this 45-minute fast-paced and fun class will work your entire body. Our signature class improves cardio, sculpts muscle and is one of the most effective calorie-burners out there. With high-intensity speed intervals and challenging drills, this heart-pumping, sweat-drenched, intense non- impact workout will have you feeling and seeing a difference in your legs, core, arms & more!

*Limited space. Advance sign-up is a must.

weRow Sculpt

Train all major muscle groups, boost that metabolism, and tone your entire body! Alternating rowing intervals with dynamic sculpting exercises on and off our water-based rowing machines makes for the perfect blend of cardio and strength training that you won’t find anywhere else! And don’t worry… You will make it through! Pumpin’ beats and personal trainers are here to help you sweat with this total-body sculpting burn that is as fun as it is effective!

Nothing is off limits: Plyometrics, free weights, Kettlebells, body weight, planks, push-ups. Get ready to rowSculpt your way to your leanest, strongest legs, core, arms and back!

*Advance sign-up is a must. Not recommended for first-timers. Select weRow 101 or weRow Signature first.


We are one of the few licensed studios in MN teaching Shockwave!

Dubbed by the media as “the most efficient total-body workout in the world!” This is extreme cross training at its best! This circuit challenge utilizes a specially designed WaterRower machine for short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-burning intervals with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to chisel the legs, core and arms! It’s no cakewalk. You’ll find yourself yelling, competing, cheering, high-fiving, working with your team, and being pushed to your max effort!

Perfect for exercise enthusiasts who enjoy athletic, no-nonsense, high-intensity, fast-paced exercises and drills.

*Advance sign-up is a must. Not recommended for first-timers. Select weRow 101 or weRow Signature first.


Who combines rowing with mat stretches and yoga poses? We do! Find your rowing nirvana with this serene, gentle rowing class that will improve your flexibility, clear your mind and enhance your senses. Ready to row with the flow? Think of this 45-minute class as the antidote for your on-the-go lifestyle. Row, stretch, release and open up your body and senses to peel away layers of stress. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and centered; like you’ve just had a warm bath!

*Limited space. Advance sign-up is a must.

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