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34 13th Avenue NE Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN 55413

1st Indoor Rowing-Only Studio in Northeast Minneapolis

What is weRow

The What

Dubbed by media as “the new spinning,” indoor rowing is the best cardio workout burning fat and engaging the muscles in your legs, core and arms! They’re doing it in L.A., New York, Chicago and now we are doing it in the Twin Cities!

The Workout

Short-burst, high-intensity, full-body intervals of cardio and sculpting on and off the rower. Set in a team environment with pump-you-up instructors and thumping music, this non-impact calorie burning workout will leave you sweat soaked.

The Why

One of the best low-impact full-body workouts using 84% of your muscle mass. Each stroke requires effort from your lower & upper body, leading to more calories burned, weight loss, enhanced flexibility and increased core and body strength.

Full Body. Low Impact. High Intensity.


weRow Fitness Studio
34 13th Avenue NE Suite 110
E: row@werowmsp.com
P: 612-354-3581